Infinity Creative Media

Infinity Creative Media is a business in which we first invested in 2015. Infinity creates, develops, produces and owns high quality media content. To date, The Classic Car Show, The Wine Show, The Arts Show, The Football Show and the Best FIFA Football Awards have been seen on a variety of platforms globally including Sky, ITV, Channel 5 and Hulu. A variety of exciting projects are currently in various stages of the creation and development process and in a world where streaming/video on demand services are disrupting the media environment, the owners of the IP such as Infinity retain substantial optionality to prosper in the “new” world.


Jiminny is a high growth Software as a Service (SaaS) business that we invested in during 2018. Jiminny offers a one-stop solution for dynamic sales teams that provides integration into CRM systems and incorporates a variety of functionality to provide coaching to improve the performance of sales teams and enhance sales team productivity. Customer feedback has been very positive to date with referrals a key source of new business wins. We believe that there is a significant target addressable market both in terms of the existing service and future additions to the suite of services on offer.

Ocean Harvest

Ocean Harvest Technology is a business in which we first invested in 2015. The company uses natural ingredients to enhance animal nutrition with a range of OceanFeed branded seaweed products targeted at Swine, Bovine, Poultry and Equine amongst others. With independent studies by both academics and customers supporting the ROI case for using OceanFeed products, the company also stands to be a key beneficiary of the global pushback against antibiotic growth promoters. We believe that there is substantial global potential for the product range and with increasing efforts to evidence the benefits we expect the business to have a bright future.